Weekly Kid Challenge

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Wow! I just can’t believe it is February already! The holidays didn’t seem to last very long at all. New Years came and went in no time. We’ve already had three birthdays since January 1st. Now here we are, the first day of the second month of a whole new year. So let’s make the most of it!


 I saw this going around FaceBook and it got me thinking. Almost every year, (at least I’m talking from my own experience) we set out to make that year the best it can be, but we write down pretty much the same goals as the year before. You know what I’m talking about: lose weight, be nicer, save more money. Sound familiar?

This year I want to try something new, and if you want to, join me. I’m setting up a Weekly Kid Challenge where every week I’m going to pick a different area with my children and focus on that for the week. Some things will be new, some things will be refining what they already know. We are going to go over table manors, learning a new chore, learning a new skill, being creative, plus many more goals that will help our family grow closer together and help them grow as an individual.

Every week on Monday, I will post a new challenge on here, Facebook and Twitter so you can join along. I hope to see some pictures!


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