Phone Manners

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This week, work on teaching them phone manners.
This week, work on teaching them phone manners.

If you’re like me, you may not have a land-line phone in your house. Because of this, it never really occurred to me to teach my children phone manners like I was taught when I was a kid. Remember that?

“Hello, Heart residence,” “I’m sorry, she’s not available right now. May I take a message?”

I have taught them how to use my phone, and now they are teaching me things I didn’t know about my phone. Funny how that is. But I never really thought about teaching them politeness while using the phone until recently when I was listening to my son talk to one of his friends. Even though my kids don’t have their own phones, some of their friends do. I let them use my phone to talk to their friends and I have noticed some things that made me realize, I need to teach them. They will answer the phone with “Hello,” instead of just “Hey,” or “What do you want.” But the other day my son was talking to his friend and he just hung up. No “Goodbye,” or “I need to go, I will call you back.” Nothing. He just said what he intended to say and ended the call. Yep, definite mom fail. So this week, we are going to change this by focusing on phone manners.

Image credit: Vasi Vasut via Flickr

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