As Simple as a Note

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as simple as a note

With the ‘Hustle and Bustle’ of ever day life, we can get busy. Real busy. And although so much of our day is dedicated to raising our kids, they don’t always notice it. They don’t really connect hours worked at a job with the money that pays for their food, toys or weekend trips out of town.  They don’t always notice you washing and folding their clothes, they just know that their clothes are clean and ready to be put on every morning. They don’t really understand the time and energy that is put into planning, preparing and cleaning up after each meal. Even with all of this that we do, they can still feel pushed aside and left alone while we work hard to raise them. Eventually they’ll understand. When they’re older, start working themselves and have their own family to raise. Then they will be able to look back and realize the work that we did was just as much for them. But what can we do in the mean time?

This was all brought to my attention by my six year old daughter. She is always writing little ‘I ♥ U’ notes and handing them out to everyone in the family. One night, while I was working on the computer, she brought me one of her sweet notes. As always, I told her thank you, gave her a hug and kiss and went back to work. She then asked me why I don’t write her notes like she writes me. I wasn’t sure how to answer her. At first, I wanted to list off all the things that I do for her; cooking, cleaning, preparing her school work, taking her to classes. But I didn’t. I realized in that instant that the majority of things I do for her is unseen in her eyes. It is mostly indirect. She, as well as most kids, needs direct attention. And for her it is as simple as writing an ‘I ♥ U’ note.

As soon as I told her that I would write her a note, her face lit up as bright as any child’s could on Christmas day. Before I was even finished with the most elaborate ‘I ♥ U’ note one could color, she had set out a special box outside her bedroom door for me to put it in. My curious nine year old son got in on it as well. He set out his own box. And for over two hours, notes were being ‘mailed’ back and forth. That night after the kids hand fallen asleep, I had went in to check on them. It warmed my heart to see that my daughter had tacked my note to the wall right next to her bed. To me, it was a simple note. But to her, it was my love and dedication to her in a tangible art form. That little note meant as much to her than any toy I could buy or any vacation I could take her on.

So, what I realized that night is even though our days can be full of work, cooking and cleaning, some times just simply giving our children a little note to show our love can be the best gift.

One thought on “As Simple as a Note

    Notebook of Love « Mary Heart said:
    May 19, 2015 at 4:51 PM

    […] you’ve read my other post, As Simple as a Note, then you know my daughter LOVES writing little “I love you,” notes all the time. […]


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