Valentine’s Day heart decoration for kids

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What my kids love most about Valentine’s Day, next to chocolate, is the crafts they get to do decorating for it. So, here is one of the decorations we made last week for our #WeeklyKidChallenge that they loved so much we plan on doing again next year.


What you need is:

Colored paper


Ruler, pencil and scissors (or paper trimmer)


We started off by choosing two different colors of colored paper. Then we cut one color of paper long ways in one inch strips, then the other color width ways in one inch strips. If you have a paper trimmer that works the best. But if not, use a ruler to mark one inch on each side of the paper, draw lines then cut.


Next, fold the strips in half.


Fold the shorter strip of paper on the outside of the longer one then staple them together at the fold.


Take the shorter paper and bring the sides down to create a heart shape and staple.


Do the same with the longer, outer piece and add another long and a short piece. Staple them all together.


Continue with steps until you are out of paper.



By twisting it, you can create something else.


Here is the one my daughter made using purple on the outside and blue on the inside.


 Here is variation that we made by making changes to the steps. We still cut the papers into the same one inch strips, but we cut them both width ways.


 Start by using just one strip and turn into heart shape, then add two strips to the bottom. As you can see we used two strips of the same color, then next time we used two of the other color. By doing this, alternated the color of hearts in the middle between red and purple.  What we also did differently was not turning the outer strip into a heart shape, we just left it out to make a different look.

 I hope you guys have fun creating these paper crafts together. I know we did.

This was part of our Weekly Kid Challenge. Make sure to check it out.


One thought on “Valentine’s Day heart decoration for kids

    Be Creative! Valentine’s Day « Mary Heart said:
    May 31, 2015 at 5:59 AM

    […] One thing that kids love to do is be creative. My kids could spend hours with glue, construction paper, buttons, pipe-cleaners, markers, stickers and glitter making little crafts. Being creative can be beneficial to kids by teaching them patience, how to work through problems and how to stay focused. Since Valentine’s Day is less than a week a way, this is the perfect week to sit down, make some decorations and spend time with your kids. Check out what we made! […]


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