This week is for you!

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This week is for you

In an older post, Like Mother; Like Daughter, I talk about how a situation arose where I was tempted to deceive my daughter when I broke a ceramic sign she had gotten for Christmas. After praying about it, I realized what I would actually be teaching her if I had and she found out. Could I really expect her to be honest with me if I am not honest with her? In that post as well as my book, Keep Your Sanity; Teach them to Clean, I touch on how our children learn more by our actions than our teachings. Kids don’t just inherit our genes, or learn to speak our language we speak around them in the same accent we talk, they also pick up on our attitude and our good and bad mannorism. It is important that we as parents lead a good example for our children to follow. We can’t always be perfect, we wouldn’t be human if we were, but we can try to be the person we hope our children will grow up to be.

So, this week I will be focusing on myself. Am I as forgiving as I want my kids to be? Am I as patient, loving, charitable, honest, encouraging or as helpful as I want them to be? I’m sure there will be several things on my list, but I’m going to pick at least one area in my life that I can improve on this week that will help me be a better example for my kids. I challenge you to do the same.


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