Game Week!

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Game Week

Image Credit: Phillip Taylor via Flickr

I don’t know how the weather has been where you are, but it has not been nice around here lately. Snow, ice, rain. I honestly thought we were going to escape winter this time around since it had been very mild and spring is right around the corner, but I was wrong. Now there is a chance of thunderstorms followed by a possibility of more snow than what we have seen all season. This week will definitely be a good week to stay inside with a good cup of hot chocolate for the kids and cappuccino for me.

I was going over my list to pick out what would be good to work on this week, but my daughter seemed to be getting a little bit of cabin fever already. She is used to playing with the neighbor girls at least a few times a week in the evening, but it has been too cold and wet to play outdoors. Also, her and her brother play together all the time. If one is playing Legos, video games, just about anything, the other one joins in. However, he has been sick for the last couple of days. Poor guy. So, I have been filling in the gap. We’ve played battle ship, rolled the ball back and forth in the hallway driving our little dog crazy and laughing at him try to chase it. She has also been a good little helper taking care of her brother. He is doing much better today, praise God, and on his way back to being his normal self. But now she is getting a stuffy nose.

So, between the upcoming bad, well worse, weather, a virus going around my house and a lot of play time missed, I have decided to make this a relaxing game week for us. If you are going to join us, playing games is a great chance to teach them good sportsmanship, taking turns, being patient, and staying focused. If you are going to have good weather this week, get outside and play some outdoor games. For us, and for anyone else who will be stuck inside, I’m going to pull out some old board games we haven’t played in a while and teach them some card games I used to love to play.

I would love to hear what your family’s favorite games are to give me and other readers some suggestions for this week.


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