Being more efficient

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More efficent

Have you ever felt exhausted simply by looking at your calendar and seeing all that is coming up? I’m getting there. So far, we have three field trips, co-op classes, a girls-day-out event, weekly Spanish class at the library, plus I’ve been asked to speak at a woman’s retreat on homeschooling. Things are definitely getting busy around here. I love it. I love the people we get to meet, friends and family we get to spend time with, new experiences and learning opportunities. However, it can wreak havoc on our schedule and house. It’s easy to get caught up and put aside our normal, daily tasks, let the laundry and emails pile up. It doesn’t help that I’ve noticed things aren’t running as smoothly around here as they used to. So before things get too busy, I’ve decided that this week will be a good time to go over our daily routine, make some adjustments, do some extra work and prepare for what is coming ahead. If you feel your household could benefit from being more efficient and effective, then join us this week by going over your daily routine, finding areas that could use some work.


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    […] I said in my earlier post, our calendar is filling up fast. We have made it through signing up for co-op classes, our girls […]


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