Why I do what I do

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Let me explain why I started this series. Many years ago I was stressed to the max. No matter how hard I worked at trying to keep my house clean, it never happened. I would spend hours everyday picking up toys in my kids’ bedrooms, the hallway, living room, my bedroom and even the bathroom. Yes, even the bathroom. Only to wake up the next day to do it all over again. Did I mention I was stressed to the max?

I tried everything I could possibly think of to change this horrible cycle and nothing worked. Finally, after reading many parenting books and even more blogs, I had an epiphany and everything changed. I had the secret! AND IT WORKED! Within a short time, my kids were listening to me better, not trashing their rooms within 30 minutes of waking up and they were actually cleaning up their own toys. Since I had such an amazing experience, I had to share. And thus, Bleacher Moms Series was created. I hope you guys come by and check it out.


I hope that you join us for our Weekly Kid Challenge where we pick one topic a week to work on from table manners to learning a new chore to being creative.


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