New Places, New Behavior

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New places, New behavior

Thank you to those keeping up with Weekly Kid Challenge! We are really enjoying the time we are spending together learning new skills that will benefit them through out their lives. I am glad we can share these experiences with your family and hope you guys are also learning along with us.

We have many things coming up this week; testing, co-op classes, and I have the privilege of speaking at a lady’s retreat this weekend over homeschooling. (Keep me in your prayers.) As I was thinking of what we should work on this week, it was very clear. Since we will be going to places that we don’t regularly go to, we will be working on how they should conduct themselves while there. This will be the first time my daughter will be going with my son and I to where he will be taking his yearly test. Also, both of my kids will be going with me to the lady’s retreat. I know my kids are usually good at being able to feel out a new place and know whether they can be loud and playful or quiet and controlled, well usually. But I want to make sure that they aren’t surprised.

Is there a new place you will be going and taking your kids with you? If so, spend some time with them explaining to them what type of a place it is, what goes on there and how they should act while in there. Spend some time having them practice, acting like they are in the new place. Kids love to play pretend. Then take them.

If you don’t have any place planned already, think of some where they don’t go to often or have never been to that you go regularly. Maybe they haven’t been to the library yet. A bank. If you usually find a sitter for them so you can go to the store, try taking them with you to get just a short list of items.

I know taking kids, especially young ones, while you run errands can make a two hour trip into an all day, pulling your hair out affair. But the more you practice with them, the more you actually do take them with you, the better they will behave.

Have a great week and let me know how it goes.


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