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Phone Manners

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This week, work on teaching them phone manners.
This week, work on teaching them phone manners.

If you’re like me, you may not have a land-line phone in your house. Because of this, it never really occurred to me to teach my children phone manners like I was taught when I was a kid. Remember that?

“Hello, Heart residence,” “I’m sorry, she’s not available right now. May I take a message?”

I have taught them how to use my phone, and now they are teaching me things I didn’t know about my phone. Funny how that is. But I never really thought about teaching them politeness while using the phone until recently when I was listening to my son talk to one of his friends. Even though my kids don’t have their own phones, some of their friends do. I let them use my phone to talk to their friends and I have noticed some things that made me realize, I need to teach them. They will answer the phone with “Hello,” instead of just “Hey,” or “What do you want.” But the other day my son was talking to his friend and he just hung up. No “Goodbye,” or “I need to go, I will call you back.” Nothing. He just said what he intended to say and ended the call. Yep, definite mom fail. So this week, we are going to change this by focusing on phone manners.

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FREE! Be a pilot tester for Rainforest Program!

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I really wanted to share this great opportunity with you. EdTechLens is looking for pilot testers for its new program, Rainforest Journey! From what I’ve read so far, you get one year free access to the program and all they ask is for you to take a few surveys. How great is that? Not only do you get to use this new program for free, but your opinions actually do count.

Once you sign up HERE you will receive an email with your log in information including a new password. It is set up into five different units and each unit has chapters and lessons plans already laid out. We haven’t gotten into that much yet, but so far I really like it. It is filled with beautiful pictures, has videos and I even set it up while signing up for it to have audio to read the lesson, which is great for young ones. Be sure to check it out.

Be Creative! Valentine’s Day

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Valentine's craft for kids

One thing that kids love to do is be creative. My kids could spend hours with glue, construction paper, buttons, pipe-cleaners, markers, stickers and glitter making little crafts. Being creative can be beneficial to kids by teaching them patience, how to work through problems and how to stay focused. Since Valentine’s Day is less than a week a way, this is the perfect week to sit down, make some decorations and spend time with your kids. Click HERE to see what we made and to get instructions on how to make it with your kids.

Like Mother; Like Daughter

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like mother like daughter

We’ve all heard the sayings “Like mother; like daughter” or “Like father; like son” when a trait or character is noticed in a child that reflects his or her parent. Sometimes it’s when the child makes a sweet gesture and sometimes it’s when that child has developed a bad habit that was picked up from the parent. Either way, the statement has much more weight behind it than most of us realize. This became real apparent to me just this last week when I almost deceived my daughter, but was thankful I thought about it first.

For Christmas, my daughter got a very cute, ceramic Hello Kitty sign to hang up. Since she is only 6, I went into her room to help her find spots for her new toys and to help her hang up the sign. She wanted to hang it up on the out side of her door. I told her it wasn’t a good idea because it could easily get broken there. After trying to figure out a different place, I could tell her feelings were getting hurt because she felt like I didn’t trust her. So, finally I told her I would hang it up on her door, but that she had to be extremely careful to not open or close her door too quickly.

Over the next week she impressed me with how attentive she was over that sign. She would take it down every night for fear that our little dog would bump into her door and even took it down and hid it when we had company over. Needless to say, I could see how she was maturing and taking my trust in her to heart. However, the pages turned, and I was the one who had to ask her to forgive me.

We had taken her sign into my room because we were spending some time drawing and she wanted to try to draw what was on her sign. Before we were finished we got distracted with the game her dad and brother were playing in the living room. So, her drawing and sign were forgotten. When I went to bed I just moved all of our mess to my nightstand and was going to take care of it the next day. Well, I forgot and some how that day much of what was on my end table fell to the floor. That next night when I went to bed I ended up stepping on her sign and breaking it. You couldn’t imagine how upset I was, not because it was forgotten in my room, but because I knew how hurt she was going to be.

Well, my initial reaction was to glue it together so she wouldn’t know. So I went on a search for super glue or something that I knew would hold it together with no such luck. So, I hid the sign in my drawer and was going to get glue the next day or see if there was another sign at the store. I ran it passed my husband and thought that was a good plan. However, as I laid in bed trying figure out how I was going to get what I needed, I felt a tug on my heart. I prayed about it and knew what I was going to do was wrong. It doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. I think the sign was only $2. But I knew deep down that would be flat out deceiving my daughter and I had to ask myself: If she broke something of mine, would I want her to deceive me? If she found out that I lied to her, what would that teach her? So, I came up with a new plan.

The next day, while my husband and son were busy, I asked her to come to my room. I showed her the sign and asked her to forgive me. There were tears, from both of us, and many hugs. There was no resentment in her heart over her broken sign, she even suggested that we could glue it. I was very proud and thankful that she immediately forgave me. So, even though I felt horrible that I was the one who broke her sign after she had been very careful with it, I am thankful for the opportunity it gave me to show her a character that I hope she follows: To admit when she has done something wrong and ask for forgiveness rather than hiding it and deceiving those around her.

So the next time you hear or say “Like mother; like daughter” know that your children are looking to you as an example. They will learn more by your actions than your teachings. One day, your children will be your age and will display many of the character traits you are showing them right now. Don’t take it lightly. Instead, embrace it and be the person you want your children to become.

Weekly Kid Challenge: Learn a life long skill

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This week lets focus on teaching them a life skill.
This week lets focus on teaching them a life skill.

This week let’s focus on teaching our kids a life long skill. My daughter is past the age of learning how to tie her shoes. Most of her shoes have Velcro, or are slip-ons, but she does have one pair that has laces and are her favorite. Every time I tie them for her it pops in my head, “I need to teach her.” However, we are usually in a hurry to get out the door and then it is forgotten about until the next time we are rushing to leave and I tie them for her again. Does this ever happen to you? So, this week we are going to focus on this for her.

For my son, well, he says he wants to learn to do different voices. So, we will work on that as well but we will mostly focus on learning different knots, to go along with his sister learning to tie her shoes.

What is a life long skill you can think of to focus on this week with your kids? It could be learning how to use a drill, how to brush their teeth on their own, change batteries or even how to change a light bulb.

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FREE Homeschool Welcome Basket!

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Wicker Paradise

Is there anyone in your life who might be considering homeschooling? Did you know that The Old Schoolhouse Magazine makes available 15+ FREE goodies including full length Ebooks and unit studies for your kids, just for the asking? You can come pick up your FREE “Homeschool Welcome Basket” right now, and you can start researching whether or not homeschooling is right for your family. If you are an existing homeschooler, you can come get the free baskets, too! It’s for everyone. PLEASE share this announcement on your social media and with your friends and family. We want to give these welcome baskets out to everyone even remotely interested in educating their own children.

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Weekly Kid Challenge

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Wow! I just can’t believe it is February already! The holidays didn’t seem to last very long at all. New Years came and went in no time. We’ve already had three birthdays since January 1st. Now here we are, the first day of the second month of a whole new year. So let’s make the most of it!


 I saw this going around FaceBook and it got me thinking. Almost every year, (at least I’m talking from my own experience) we set out to make that year the best it can be, but we write down pretty much the same goals as the year before. You know what I’m talking about: lose weight, be nicer, save more money. Sound familiar?

This year I want to try something new, and if you want to, join me. I’m setting up a Weekly Kid Challenge where every week I’m going to pick a different area with my children and focus on that for the week. Some things will be new, some things will be refining what they already know. We are going to go over table manors, learning a new chore, learning a new skill, being creative, plus many more goals that will help our family grow closer together and help them grow as an individual.

Every week on Monday, I will post a new challenge on here, Facebook and Twitter so you can join along. I hope to see some pictures!